Talk about making a debut splash…

In its first year to be included in the list, Huntsville was named the seventh best place to live in America by U.S. News and World Report. Huntsville finished ahead of such cities as Nashville, Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina and Dallas.

The list evaluates the country’s 125th most-populated metropolitan areas based on factors such as affordability, job prospects and quality of life. The rankings also factored in data from the Census Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Making its first appearance in the Best Places to Live ranking, Huntsville is the smallest metro area in the top 10,” US News reported. “This northern Alabama metro area is the most affordable place to live out of the 125 largest metro areas in the U.S. and offers a flourishing job market, with many local companies focused on science, technology, engineering and math.”

Two other Alabama cities made the list. Birmingham ranked 95th out of 125 cities; Mobile ranked 122nd.

The top 25 are:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  3. Denver
  4. Des Moines, Iowa
  5. Fayetteville, Arkansas
  6. Portland, Oregon
  7. Huntsville
  8. Washington, D.C.
  9. Minneapolis/St. Paul
  10. Seattle
  11. Nashville, Tennessee
  12. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  13. Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina
  14. San Antonio, Texas
  15. Salt Lake City
  16. Madison, Wisconsin
  17. San Jose, California
  18. Dallas/Fort Worth
  19. Phoenix
  20. San Francisco
  21. Lexington/Fayette, Kentucky
  22. Charlotte, North Carolina
  23. Boise, Idaho
  24. Asheville, North Carolina
  25. Boston